The cost of a non-discriminatory immigration policy

Australia’s so called political leaders pride themselves on their bipartisan support for a non-discriminatory immigration programme.  To not discriminate based on race is all well and good but where our governments have badly failed us is in not recognising that we should have and should be discriminating against people based on their cultural fit .  In the words of those who are of a politically incorrect persuasion I am talking about the need for people to assimilate.  We should only be allowing people into this country who share our values and what I mean by this is values that are based on a Judeo Christian western liberal democratic society.  People who come to this country (and those already here) and actively work to subvert these values and impose both cultural and religious values that are anathema to our traditions and way of life should not be welcome.  Sadly successive governments of both Labor and Liberal persuasions have allowed this to happen and they have done so because of political expediency.  The large Muslim population of western Sydney and their electoral clout means that you won’t hear any politicians from those areas talking about the dangers of radical Islam and the threat that it imposes on our very way of existence.  This is scandalous and Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Howard, Gillard and Rudd should hang their heads in shame.  The likes of Cory Bernardi and Fred Nile are to be congratulated for calling for the burqua to be banned, but sadly they are few and far between.