Burka ban – One rule for the pollies another rule for everyone else

The decision by the Speaker of the House of Reps and the President of the Senate that burka wearers will have to sit behind glass if they want to watch Parliament is yet another example of politicians making one rule themselves and another for everyone else.  What makes Parliament so unique that it can have special rules for burka wearers but they can’t be applied to the rest of the community?  It’s typical of how self interested this mob are, they could not care less about the rest of us.

It’s time for the burka to banned in public, pure and simple.  There are legitimate reasons for doing so, not least of all for security reasons and the fact that we are a western liberal democracy where women are free to walk around without having to cover their face and entire body.  Where are the feminists on this?  Where is Australia’s Ambassador for Women, Natasha Stott Despoja?  Why isn’t she out there leading the charge against how the burka goes against women’s rights and freedoms??  Her silence speaks volumes about she and her leftie feminist mates, who are very selective about the ‘women’s rights’ issues that they choose to champion.

Also the claim that a ban would somehow be religiously motivated or targeted is rubbish, Indonesia’s population is 99% Muslim and you don’t see women wearing the burka over there, likewise Muslim women in Malaysia  and Turkey.